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Healing with Creativity

With over ten years experience in the shamanic arts I seek to now share the creative knowledge gained so far.


My goal is to help others unlock their creativity who may feel blocked but seek to reconnect, maybe for the first time since childhood. Art was a fundamental part of how I overcame past trauma as the creative flow was unlocked during the shamanic trance experience. First I started with repetitive patterns and eventually over the years found my own unique art style, and I would like to help others find theirs.

Via 1 hour zoom sessions we will get to know each other, you will be able to talk through the blocks and I will help you find creative ways to transmute it via art.

My own personal life story of loosing both my parents young and abuse combined with the later shamanic path and initiation into the creative realms has over the years enabled me to empower myself through art. Where I was able to express myself through colours and shapes and let go of that which was stagnant in my life and forge a new more wholesome and healthy path. I feel I can help other people in these crazy polarizing times find some grounding in a creative practice.

Each session costs £50 and will be available in the coming weeks, please contact or check back for booking.

Thank you.

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